“The Resurrection and the Life”

Jesus had a good friend named Lazarus.  Lazarus becomes very sick and dies.  Jesus was not there when his friend died, but he knew God had a reason in allowing him to die.  It was so that others would believe.

Jesus tells Lazarus’ sister, Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.”  (John 11:25-26)

Martha expresses her faith in Jesus.  And we can do the same!

“Yes, Lord; I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into the world.”

Do you know and believe in Jesus’ power over death?

I do and pray that you do to!


When Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life” he was telling people in no uncertain terms that he was God and God’s power was at work in him.

All the “I AM” names of Jesus help us to understand that better.

So far we’ve learned:

I AM the Bread of Life

I AM the Light of the World

I AM the Gate of the Sheep

I AM the Good Shepherd

Here’s a puzzle for you to decode.  Once you figure out the answers you can check them to see if you are right.  Just click on the links below…

Biblewise Puzzle to Decode

Check your Answers Here

Have fun and remember how much I love you!

Mrs. Bess


I am the Good Shepherd

I love how John, the disciple, writes about Jesus.  He writes about Jesus in a way that the other gospel writers did not. When you read the book of John you find out about the great love that Jesus had for the people he spent time with- his followers and everyone who believes in him today.


When John tells us about Jesus as the Good Shepherd it is to help us see how Jesus watches over us and takes care of all our needs. He knows us, he guides us, he protects us. He even laid down his life for us so that we could be saved!

Here’s a link to the story “The Lost Sheep” which is based on the parable of the lost sheep.  I love hearing Mr. Bartrop read the story.  He’s got a great accent!

The Lost Sheep

Just like the shepherd loved and cared for his sheep, so Jesus loves and cares for us.  I hope you know and love him too!

Mrs. Bess

These are the seven I AMs of Jesus:

I am the Bread of Life

I am the Light of the World

I am the Gate of the Sheep

I am the Good Shepherd of the Sheep

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

I am the Resurrection

I am the True Vine



All of these are found in the Gospel of John.  Look them up and come to church on Sunday so we can talk about them!

Love you so!

Mrs. Bess

It’s been a while…

I guess you wondered what happened to Mrs. Bess!  I took a break from updating this blog with all the busy-ness of getting things ready for summer and VBS at St. Andrews.  All the decorations are put away and the clutter in my office has been cleaned up, so I’m ready to get back to business!

This is the fourth week in our summer Sunday School on the “I AMs” of Christ.  In the book of John there are several different times when John writes about Jesus and names he calls himself.  They are names that are more like pictures and they were to help the people understand who Jesus was (GOD!) and how he offered them salvation that could not be found anywhere else.

The first week we looked a the origins of the “I AM” name back in the book of Exodus.  God called out to Moses from the burning bush in Midian and told Moses His name, Yaweh, I AM WHO I AM.  It was God’s special, holy name that was revered above all other names. (See Exodus 3)

When Jesus makes these statements saying, “I am ________” it is a way of explaining that he himself was God.  It was very bold of him and there were many people who rejected him because they didn’t believe him.

The first I AM statement we came across in the gospel of John was the one he made just after feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish from a boy’s lunch.  The people wanted to make him king, but he explained that he was sent by God for another purpose. He was the bread of life that filled their spiritual needs. (See John 6)

The next I AM statement was in John 8 when he said, “I am the light of the world.” He came to give light where there was darkness, to reveal sin and offer a better way.

This week we are looking at the picture he gives in John 10:1-10.  He explains he is the gate for the sheep. He warned against those who would try to “steal” the sheep and lead them away from the flock where they would be kept safe.


Come this week and we’ll learn how Jesus keeps us safe.

I love this video of sheep following the voice of their shepherd– especially the part where they go through the gate!  Enjoy : )

Calling Sheep

Following my loving Shepherd-

Mrs. Bess



Little Girl, Arise

These were the words that Jesus spoke to Jairus’ daughter who had seemingly died from some sort of sickness. Jairus was a leader in the synagogue and had gone to Jesus to seek his help in healing her.  He wanted Jesus to lay hands on his daughter and work a miracle.

Jesus Film Project: Jesus brings Jairus’ Daughter Back to Life

Interestingly, as Jesus was on his way to Jairus’ home, a crowd followed.  The crowd included his disciples, friends of the family whose house Jesus was headed to, curious people of all kinds.  In this crowd was a woman who probably did not want to be noticed.  She, too, was sick with an illness that had lasted twelve years. She had sought all sorts of medical help and nothing had been able to cure her.  So she came looking for Jesus that day.

She didn’t call out to Jesus as Jairus did.  She merely wanted to get close enough to him to touch the hem of his garment.  She believed by just touching his robe she  might be made well.  What great faith she had!


Jesus knows better than anyone how to meet our greatest of needs.  Jairus came boldly seeking Jesus help, while this woman came with great humility.  Both of them desperate for the grace and mercy only Jesus gives.

I pray that you will go to Jesus with all your needs and that you will hear the comforting voice of Jesus say, “Your faith has made you well; go in peace.” (Luke 8:48).

With love-

Mrs. Bess

Healing Spring

Jesus visits Jerusalem on various occasions to attend the feast celebrations that were a part of the Jewish tradition.  On one of these visits he goes to the place called Bethesda (House of Mercy) located near the Sheep Gate.  Obviously lead there by the Spirit, he finds a lame man who has come there to be healed. He was  not the only sick person there.  Many other lame, blind, and paralyzed people were there as well.

The waters in the pool of the Bethesda were special therapeutic waters. People who entered the pool at just the time the waters would spring up (like a geyser) were healed.  This man who Jesus meets is eager to be healed so that he can walk again, but he has lost hope.  As soon as the waters are stirred, someone else is able to get to the water first, and he never does reach the waters in time.  It seems that he has been there for 38 years trying to reach the water and be made well.


Jesus sees his despair and asks him if he wants to be made well.  Obviously he does, but doesn’t know how it is possible.  He has faith, but it is fading.  Jesus tells him to pick up his mat and walk and immediately the man obeys and can walk!  All of this happens so quickly, that the man doesn’t even have time to ask Jesus who he is.

Later on, the man is questioned by the religious leaders because he is seen carrying his mat on the Sabbath, the day the healing takes place.  It is against religious law and so they want to know why he is breaking the law.  He doesn’t know Jesus’ name, but it isn’t long before the Jewish leaders find out.

Listen to the story by clicking on the link.

Garden of Praise: Healing at the Pool of Bethesda

Now take time to read the story in Amharic- an Ethiopian language.

Read the story in Amharic

God’s Word is full of wonderful stories.  The miracles that Jesus did were done to point the person healed and us to the Father.  Jesus came to reveal Him to us and to give us hope in our despair and healing from our sin and sickness.

Love you so!

Mrs. Bess


Young man, get up!

Our lesson on Sunday is about the miracle Jesus performs after he leaves Capernaum where he healed the Centurion’s sick servant.  This story is found in Luke 7:11-17.  And it is the first time Jesus raises a dead person back to life.


Luke, the gospel writer, tells us that Jesus was moved by compassion when he saw the widowed mother grieving over her dead son.  Here’s a video that tells the story.

Young Man, Get Up!

Everyone gathered there was amazed and “they glorified God, saying, ‘A great prophet has arisen among us!’ and ‘God has visited his people!’” (Luke 7:16) Jesus was indeed a great prophet, but he was so much more!

Jesus had power, even over death.  His purpose was to do God’s will.  When he healed this young man, he showed God’s love and mercy for someone who was in need.  We have the same need and when we trust him, he will bring about amazing wonders in our own lives.

See you on Sunday!


Mrs. Bess