Am I faithful and forgiving?

Our lesson this week is being faithful and being forgiving.  We are going to look at two parables involving servants.  In the first parable we look at the servant who was forgiven a great debt and yet didn’t understand what it meant to be forgiving.  Here’s a preview…

Matthew 18:21-25- The Unforgiving Servant


Then we’ll take a look at another parable with a servant.  This time we compare the attitude of the faithful servant versus that of an unfaithful servant.

My prayer is that you will come and learn and desire to live a life faithful to God.

With love,

Mrs. Bess


Finding What is Most Valuable

Matthew 13:44: “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which someone found and hid; then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.”


Matthew 13:45: “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls; on finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.”


Who likes treasure hunts?  I remember going along with my older brother when we were kids and we’d look for treasure everywhere we could.  My brother found all sorts of “treasure” and had quite a collection in his room.  I loved going in and looking at his special finds.

But that treasure is nothing compared to the treasure found in knowing Jesus.  Knowing Jesus is worth giving up EVERYTHING! Jesus says that following Him will cost us being able to control our own lives, but remember… He is the one who controls ALL THINGS!

There is great value in loving and following Jesus.  It is hidden treasure and a pearl of great value!  Check out the following video made by a couple of 6 year old brothers with their little 2 year old brother telling the Parable of the Hidden Treasure.

Kids Telling Parables- “The Buried Treasure”

I pray that you will know the value of the hidden treasure found in Jesus alone.

Happy treasure hunting!

With love-

Mrs. Bess

Sorting the Wheat and the Weeds

A few weeks ago we started learning some of the Parables found in the New Testament.

Parables are stories that Jesus told to help his followers understand more about the Kingdom of God.

Last week we looked at the Parable of the Soils.


In this parable, Jesus teaches his disciples about how different people respond to hearing the good news of salvation found in the Word of God. Some people don’t ever respond or their faith is like a puny plant growing amongst the thorns, but others are green and thriving plants that are nourished and cared for in good soil.  They bear much fruit.

This week we have another gardening lesson.  Here’s an animated video created by some 4th and 5th graders that tells the story using art supplies you probably have in your art cabinet at home.

The Parable of the Weeds

I hope you will come to Sunday School and find out more about this and other parables this week!

Also, a friend at church sent  me a neat way that children can pray for the people who have been hit by the hurricanes and floods in places around our country (and the world).  Get a pack of Skittles and as you eat up the Skittles, say the prayer that goes with the color you are munching on.  Find the prayer on the Prayer Needs page.



I will be praying along with many others!

Love you!

Mrs. Bess

The lilies in the field and the birds in the sky

Do you like to watch birds?  I do!  I have a bird feeder and a fountain in my back yard and I love to watch the birds come and go. The best time is first thing in the morning or just as the sun is beginning to set in the evening.  They come and get what they need and then they are on their way back to their nests.

This week we begin talking about Parables.  These are stories that Jesus taught his disciples and other followers.  There are at least 40 of them recorded in Scripture, and we’re going to start with this one found in Matthew 6.

Here’s a great video I found about the parable about birds and lilies we will be going over on Sunday. Check it out…

“Don’t Worry” Saddleback Kids Video

Now that you are all back in school I thought it would be time for a little quiz :

Matthew 6- True or False Quiz

  1. God sees everything and knows everything.
  2. We will never suffer, because God loves us.
  3. God cares about everything He made.
  4. We can tell God what we need through prayer.
  5. The lilies and the birds are as important as we are.

(ANSWERS: T, F, T, T, F)

(THANK YOU website)


Yes God cares for you even more than all the birds in the air or the flowers in the field. He loves you sooo much!  And so do I!

With love and care-

Mrs. Bess



Jesus Healed the Sick

We will continue our look back at the life and ministry of Jesus on Sunday.  There is so much to cover!  We’re going to concentrate on the miracles Jesus did that we studied last Winter and Spring.  Miracles where Jesus healed someone who couldn’t walk, or someone who had leprosy.  He healed men and women and children.  He healed people by touching them and he healed them from far away.  Jesus was not limited in any way.  He had the ability to help people and heal people as no other person ever had or ever will.

Jesus Healed Peter’s Mother-in-Law (TGP)

But the thing he wanted to do most of all was to help people with their greatest need of all—SALVATION! Over and over again he spoke about forgiveness of sin and healing the inner soul of those who desperately needed healing. He said things like, “Take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well.” (Matthew 9:22) Or this: “That you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins, I say to you, rise, pick up your bed and go home.” (Luke 5:24)

Many people were astounded and amazed at not only what they saw but what they heard!  And some of those people whose lives he touched came to have faith in Him as the Promised One.


I pray that you will come to have faith in Jesus as the Promised One who came to save YOU from your sin.

With love-

Mrs. Bess

Let’s Review about Jesus

We’ve spent the last year studying the New Testament.  All our lessons this past year have been from the gospels, the first 4 books of the New Testament.  These are the books that tell us all about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

This Sunday starts a new year in Sunday School.  So we’re going to look back over the past year’s lessons.  This helps us prepare for the new things we are going to learn about in the new school year.

One of my favorite things we studied in Sunday School last year was Jesus calling his disciples to follow him.  These men were very faithful to go with Jesus wherever he went and to do whatever he asked them to do.  Here’s a great video that re-tells the story of Jesus when he first called Peter, Andrew, James, and John to follow him.  You can read about this in Luke 5.

Jesus Called Disciples

Hope you will be there on Sunday as we review the lessons from last year.  In the meantime, think about what it means to be a true follower of Jesus just as these men were.


I love you and can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Mrs. Bess

The Names of Jesus

We’ve come to the end of our lessons on the I AM Names of Jesus.  We found them in the book of John, one of the Gospels.  That means that these names have something to do with the good news of salvation that is found in Jesus only.

Here’s a Sunday School Bible Puzzle I found online.  Someone made this puzzle as a way to review these special names of Jesus along with other names of Jesus found in John.  Try working the puzzle by looking up the verses that are referenced in parentheses.

I hope you have learned as much as I have in this Summer Sunday School study. By knowing and remembering the names of Jesus you will always be reassured that Jesus meets your every need!

I love you and hope to see you Sunday in Sunday School.

Mrs. Bess

PS- Many thanks to the puzzle creator- whoever you are : )


2. Ruler of a country. ( _ _ _ _ , John 18:37)
4. Not false, “I am the _ _ _ _ vine.” (John 15:1)
6. Jesus said, “I am the _ _ _ _ _ of Life.” (John 6:35,41,48)
7. Greek word for Messiah. ( _ _ _ _ _ _ , John 4:25-26)
9. “The _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ lays down His life for the sheep.” ( two words, John 10:11)
10. “I am _ _ _ – _ _ _ the truth and the life.” (two words, John 14:6)
11. Opposite of death. ( _ _ _ _ , John 11:25)


1. Not a lie. ( _ _ _ _ _ , John 14:6)
3. God is Christ’s Father. Therefore, Jesus is _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ . (two words, John 10:36)
5. Given physical life after death. ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , John 11:25)
8. It shines bright in darkness. ( _ _ _ _ _ , John 8:12)
9. A place to enter, like a door. ( _ _ _ _ )