Go and Tell Others!

We are nearing the end of the gospel story, just before Jesus is taken up to heaven.  Jesus spends his final days on this earth encouraging his disciples to carry on with the message of salvation.  He tells them they have a job to do: to go and tells others!


Maybe you wonder what it means to go and tell others?  How do you do it?  Who do you tell?  Really EVERYONE needs to hear and there are MANY different ways to tell people.  The main thing is that you have  to get to know people and hear their stories.

You might know them because they are in your class at school.  Or maybe you get to know them when you are playing on the same soccer team.  Or maybe they are your new next door neighbor.  Then you don’t really have to go very far!  You can invite them to Vacation Bible School, or to come to something special going on at your church.

The point is when you spend time with someone and they spend time with you, your love for the Lord will surely shine out! Actually, it will be His Light shining out through you!

I found a great version of Matthew 28:19-20 put to song.

Hope this will inspire you to GO! and Tell others!

GO! Worship Song

With love!

Mrs. Bess



Jesus Prepares His Disciples
Since Easter we’ve been looking at the different appearances made during the days between his resurrection and when he was taken up into heaven.

There were the women at the grave..


Do you remember the angels’ words to them? “Why do you look for living among the dead? He is not here!  He is risen indeed!”

Then there were the disciples on the road to Emmaus…


How their hearts burned within them when they realized they had just talked with Jesus!


Last week we looked at two Jerusalem appearances where Jesus comes back to where is disciples are gathered. Jesus came to them and ate a meal and talked about the Scriptures. He showed them his wounds, because they thought he might be a ghost.  He assured them he wasn’t.  He told them they had work to do.

This week we will learn about an appearance Jesus made in Galilee to his disciples who had returned home.  These were the ones he had called to be fishers of men.  It is a story of grace and forgiveness.  Come and hear for yourself about how much Jesus loved his disciples, but also loved those who have followed!

I love you too!

Mrs. Bess



Didn’t our Hearts Burn Within Us?

The story this Sunday is my favorite story in the Bible, found in Luke 24:13-35. It is the story of two disciples who are walking from Jerusalem to a town not far away, called Emmaus. As they are walking along they talk about their friend Jesus. He had been put to death a few days earlier, yet he was an innocent man.  They couldn’t figure out why he had to die.  He was a good man who had done so many good things.

As they are walking someone comes up alongside and begins walking with them.  This person asks what it is they are talking about.  Apparently he was the only one in all of Jerusalem who hadn’t heard what had happened to Jesus.

As they continue on their way this person explains to the two men how everything that happened to Jesus happened according to what the Scriptures had said would happen.  They were astonished as they heard this man speak.

Then they arrive in Emmaus.  They invite their new friend to stay with them.  They sit down to a meal together and then something amazing happens…



Supper At Emmaus by Gerrit van Honthorst

I hope you will come and be surprised just as the disciples were!

With love and great joy!

Mrs. Bess

This changes everything!


This week is what I often call “Easter Week”.  Some people call it “Holy Week” because it is the what Christians consider the most holy week of the year.  It is the week when we celebrate to most tragic event (Jesus’ death on the cross) and the most joyous event (Jesus being resurrected) only 3 days apart.

Here’s a recounting of those events…

The Story of Everything (Ch 3)

This past year we’ve seen the various reactions of those who knew Jesus in the flesh.  His faithful followers, the religious leaders who criticized him, the Romans who didn’t know what to think of him.  Then there were the lame who could walk, the blind who could see, the dead who were given life because of a miracle Jesus had worked in their life.

But the main reason that Jesus came was not to work miracles, or to be a really good teacher.  He came to save us.  He came that we would enjoy peace with God.  We are to fear and obey God (as the Pharisees did) but we do it out of a desire to put our hope and faith in Him ALONE.

One of my favorite songs we sing at SAPC is “In Christ Alone” by Natalie Grant.  Here are some of the words to the first verse:

In Christ alone my hope is found

He is my light, my strength, my song

This Cornerstone, this solid ground

Firm through the fiercest drought and storm

What heights of love, what depths of peace

When fears are stilled, when strivings cease.

Jesus came that we could cease striving for our own salvation.  We can never do enough good things, or follow the rules perfectly enough to please God.  Only Jesus did that.  And as we commemorate his crucifixion and resurrection this week, we celebrate the hope, the light, and  strength that we find in Him ALONE.

Here’s a beautiful version of this hymn.  Enjoy!

“In Christ Alone” sung by Lauren Daigle

Peace and love!

Mrs. Bess

Jesus in Jerusalem

Our lessons this year have been about the people who Jesus met on his way to Jerusalem to die on the cross.  We have learned about many different people.

People who were healed:

the 10 lepers


the blind man, Bartimeaus.


People he taught,


and people he fed.


There were his friends in Bethany


and the religious leaders who challenged him again and again.


No one really knew what was going to happen in Jerusalem, but they would soon find out.  Some would come to even greater faith, and others would claim he was a thief and an imposter, some would call him Messiah, others would mock him and call him “King of the Jews.”

Come this Sunday and we’ll learn about what happens to Jesus during “Holy Week”.

I can’t wait to share with you the good news of His salvation!

Hosanna to the Son of David! Save us, we pray!

Grace, Peace, and Love,

Mrs. Bess


To Jerusalem

This week, we will be taking a few minutes to watch part of the movie, “Son of God”.  We will be looking at what happens during Jesus’ life during the days leading up to his final journey to Jerusalem and what happens when he visits the temple on one of the first days after he arrives.


The temple was built by Herod the Great.  Here is some information I found out about King Herod and the building projects he undertook.  I located this information at Kiddle: Kids Encyclopedia.

“Herod the Great”

Architectural Achievements

“Herod saw himself as the perfect example of a refined king even if Bible writers saw him as a tyrant. He became completely involved in Greco-Roman history, culture and philosophy. At the same time he began neglecting the affairs of state and the study of Halakha (Jewish law). He needed the consent of the Pharisees in order to rule so he kept trying to gain their approval in a number of ways. He never won them over completely….

In 20 BC, Herod turned his attention to building the Second Temple, also called Herod’s Temple. While Herod wanted the temple to be the crowning monument to the Jewish faith, he used Greek architects. He allowed moneylenders to operate in the temple courtyard which angered many Jews.

His greatest religious scandal was digging up King David’s Tomb to find the treasure it was rumored to contain. He had spent great sums of money on his other projects and thought that by secretly robbing the tomb he could profit from any treasure he found there. But on opening the tomb, there was no treasure.

He rebuilt the fortresses at Masada and Herodium. After a severe earthquake in 31 BC, he built a new market, a new amphitheater and a new building for the Sanhedrin. He built a new royal palace for himself. He also improved the water supply for Jerusalem.”

Text borrowed from https://kids.kiddle.co/Herod_the_Great

Below there is a link to an interactive map of the Temple along with some size comparisons to other structures.  If you click on the “i” you will find out details about each part of the temple and its surroundings.

Interactive Map of the Temple in Jerusalem

We’ll have lots to talk about on Sunday!

With love,

Mrs. Bess

God’s Provision

We are looking at some of the people Jesus met and ministered to in the last days/weeks of his life here on earth.  Jesus knew why he had come to earth.  Some people had been given hints, but no one yet really understood God’s purpose in sending Jesus.

One day a young man who was quite wealthy came to see Jesus.  He was very religious and was obedient to the Law.  He wanted to know about how he could get to Heaven.  He thought Jesus might be able to answer his questions about Heaven.

Kidwise: “The Rich Young Ruler”

We are going to compare this story with another encounter Jesus had with a very poor widow.  She came to the temple to fulfill her religious duties and to make an offering to the Lord.  Unlike the rich young ruler, she really didn’t have much to give to the Lord.  But as Jesus observed, she had MUCH to give.


And we have MUCH to learn from what she gave. I hope you will come on Sunday so we can talk about it!

With love,

Mrs. Bess